Definition of Nonagon

  • A polygon with nine sides is called a nonagon.

Examples of Nonagon

  • The following is a nonagon. All its sides do not measure the same.

  • The following is a regual nonagon. All its sides measure the same.

Solved Example on Nonagon

What is the perimeter of a regular nonagon of side 8 cm?


A. 92 cm

B. 77 cm

C. 72 cm

D. 82 cm

          Correct Answer: C

Step 1: The perimeter of a regular polygon of n sides with each side measuring x is nx.

Step 2: A nonagon has 9 sides. All sides of a regular nonagon measure the same.

Step 3: So, the perimeter of the nonagon = n × 8.

Step 4: = 9  8 = 72 cm         [Substituting n = 9 and x = 8.]

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